Welcome to your future holiday home!

A place where days are intertwined with shared laughter. A refuge; the scene of unforgettable moments with friends and loved ones, a legacy we wish to share and preserve.

The home of our ancestors is today a project in constant evolution. A new chapter is opening so that everyone has the opportunity to immerse themselves in the magic of this space. From its carefully conceived design to the decoration that tells stories, every corner is designed to offer a unique experience.

As a home for travellers and experience seekers in Galicia, one of Spain’s most spectacular and lesser-known regions, this accommodation is an invitation to explore and connect with the true essence of the land. The carefully selected surroundings enhance the beauty of this home, creating an environment that invites exploration and connection with nature.

In this space, hospitality finds its maximum expression, giving each visitor the opportunity to immerse themselves in the cultural and natural richness of Galicia. Here, each stay becomes an enriching experience, a pause in time that reveals the treasures of this spectacular region.